July 21, 2021

Ogilvy’s ad agency says it’s getting ready to launch a new advertising campaign on Reddit, a site that’s notoriously unfriendly to advertisers.

The new campaign, called “The Secret Life of a Dog,” features an online image of a dog and a dog-face captioned with a simple, “What’s that?”

The ad says the image is “an homage to Reddit” and aims to highlight “what Reddit has to offer” for dog lovers.

“It’s about the Internet’s ability to connect people,” said Jason Lohman, head of media for Ogilvys creative agency, in an interview.

“It’s a space where people are free to share, but also where we’re able to communicate and connect and be with each other.”

In the image, a woman’s face is captioned, “It is an homage to reddit,” while a cat is captioning, “Reddit has a dog face.”

“The Secret Lives of Reddit Dogs” will be available for a limited time on the site on Sept. 15.

It’s currently available for $5.49 on Reddit.com and is available for download on the Ogilvmedia app.

Reddit has more than 7 million users, and it’s become a popular platform for advertisers to reach their target audience.

A new ad campaign for an ad network called Wunderlichs was recently launched on the platform.

The company says it is also working on new digital ads that will be targeted to dog lovers on Reddit in the future.

In a statement, Reddit said it “strongly opposes the use of animal imagery and encourages its users to refrain from posting such images.”


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