July 9, 2021

It was a weekend of fun and games, and one that would be remembered for a long time.

At the end of a long day of partying, the crew at The Zimmermans had come together and decided to go for a nice long ride to the top of the mountain.

But this time, instead of taking a quick break to catch up with their families or grab some dinner, the men decided to spend the day out on the road.

The group of five men was out on a road trip to see how the Zimmermen could be of service to the community, and the rest of the crew agreed to ride with them, as they did every year.

It was no ordinary road trip, but it was one of the biggest of its kind in California.

The group was on the last leg of their trek when a woman named Rachel Zimmermann stopped by and asked if they would like to meet up for a few drinks.

The Zimmermans, who have been friends for more than 20 years, met for drinks and snacks at a local bar and soon started chatting.

It wasn’t long before the group found themselves in the middle of a bizarre encounter.

A few weeks earlier, a woman called Rachel Zmermann had posted a series of messages to a social media site claiming she had been kidnapped by a man who wanted to marry her.

Rachel had posted about her ordeal on her Facebook page and was followed by hundreds of people who called her the “Rabbit Lady” or “The Rabbit.”

She claimed she was a “beautiful woman,” and that she was being taken to a desert island by men who had kidnapped her.

As the group started to leave the bar, the group decided to follow Rachel’s lead and stop to meet the stranger.

After some quick planning and a few good-natured joking, the Zimmers were joined by a friend who was also on the same road trip.

The next day, the four men began to head south, heading toward California’s Big Sur.

That night, they made a stop at a diner and were greeted by a stranger.

She introduced herself as Rachel, and told the Zingers that she had heard that the “Zimmermans” had been kidnapping people in the desert and wanted to help.

The women asked what they should do, and Rachel responded by saying she wanted to meet her.

She also told the women that she didn’t know if they were going to like her, but they needed to meet.

The man was a little surprised and didn’t think that they would want to meet someone like her.

But Rachel told them they could trust her, and that they should get in line.

Rachel had a few ideas about what they could do, including meeting with the Zmers in person.

She told the group that she’d have to take them out to the desert to meet and that if they wanted to see Rachel, they should come to her house to show her some love.

When the Zyers arrived at the home of Rachel’s family, they discovered that Rachel had been captured.

The Zimmers and the stranger were reunited and the ZMens took off on their way to meet Rachel in person at her home.

Rachel Zimmer’s husband, Robert Zimmer, told the news outlet that his wife and their four children were “horrified” and that it was “a very strange situation.”

“They were trying to help,” Robert said.

“They were asking her to help them get their life together.

That’s why we came to her.

I think it was an accident.

It didn’t happen like that.

We were just trying to do the right thing.”

It is unclear if the Zmermans were actually kidnapped, or if the stranger took them to a different location.

In any case, the two men who were caught have been sentenced to a total of 14 years in prison.


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