June 30, 2021

When The Real Housewives of New York star Kandi Burruss came up in the filming of the RHONY spin-off series, her name became synonymous with porn stars.

Now, as she’s the star of one of the biggest new shows on television, we caught up with her to talk about her career, the challenges of being the new face of the industry, and what it’s like to be a porn actress.


What did you know about your career before RHONY?

I knew my first job was in a porn studio in Florida.

The first thing I was told was that it was a porn shoot.

So I was like, “What?!

What do you mean, ‘a porn shoot’?” Then they said, “Oh, you’re in a sex film.”

And I was just like, I’m going to do porn.

It was like the coolest thing.

I was in the process of getting my tits done.

It wasn’t long before they called me.

I had no idea.


What was the first porn shoot you ever did?

When I was younger, I was on a porn crew called the New York Crew, which was just for guys.

I don’t remember who the producers were, but they were all guys.

And they were making $5 an hour.

I remember being like, Fuck!

I have to get paid.

I wasn’t making that much money.

So, I started to go to a few porn studios.


What’s the most challenging part of being a porn actor?

When you’re on a shoot, you have to be on the set 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You’re doing it at the expense of your health, your diet, your life.

It’s crazy.

And I think it’s something that I’m still dealing with.


You were a performer on The Real Houseswives of Orange County, but you also played a real estate agent in the show.

What is it like working in both worlds?

It’s definitely not like what I was used to doing on the porn set, but I’m happy with my life and I’m doing the best I can.

I love it.

I have fun doing it.

The best part of it is that it’s so different from real life.

I can’t even imagine what it is like to go on a reality show.

It is so different.

It has a very unique feel to it. 5.

What were the challenges when you were on The Housewives?

It was a very weird experience.

I didn’t know that I had a show to do, and I had to put on a show.

And it was crazy.

I mean, we had all this fun.

We were making money, and we had money.

We had lots of friends.

We got paid.

We even got to go see the Bachelor.

I’m just glad it was the right show.


What advice would you give to women looking to get into the porn industry?

Don’t think about it as just a job.

The most important thing is to get out there and be yourself, which is something I’ve never had to deal with.

I think that women should make their own decisions.


What do women need to know about their bodies to get a job?

Women should be willing to take responsibility for themselves.

You should know what you’re comfortable with, what you don’t like, what’s okay to do.

Don’t be afraid to say no.

If you’re a woman, be honest with yourself.


What are the biggest challenges you faced in filming The Real World?

There were so many different types of shoots.

One was when you’re just on set, like a shoot.

But when you go home, there are all these other things that are happening, like being with your family, and it’s really hard to deal, because you’re doing the same things every day.

And then there’s the business side, which I was doing, where you’re constantly dealing with people, like you’re working with your wife.

There were all these things happening.

It just got so much harder and harder to deal.


What has been the biggest challenge of filming The REAL Housewives Of Orange County?

I think, from a physical standpoint, there’s a lot of things.

For me, it was just the work.

I work out every day, so it was really hard.

And the filming was different.

We filmed in Los Angeles.

So you work out with your body.

And you go to the gym.

And there were some days when we had no water.

And that was hard for me to deal on set.

I couldn’t even have my makeup on.

You know, we were working so hard to get this job.


What would you say is the biggest change that women in the porn business have had to face in terms of having to go through this process? You know

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