June 22, 2021

Facebook has begun an advertising push against a misleading postcard ad.

The social network began a campaign against “Adidas, Adidas Puma, and adidas GQ” this morning, which is clearly designed to target young girls in particular.

The ad appears to be an ad for a shoe company, but it’s clear that it is an ad in which a young girl is shown standing on a shoe.

The ad features an image of a young woman with a red “Adizero” tag and is meant to make it appear that a company is promoting an ad on its site.

The Facebook ad says, “Adeso Puma is a brand for girls, and we want to show you that they’re also beautiful, too.

If you are a girl who wants to make the most of your beauty and be your own personal champion, then this shoe is for you.”

The ad shows a young teen standing on one shoe, with the tagline “Puma, Adidas, GQ.”

It’s unclear whether the girl is wearing a Nike or adidas shoe.

While the ad isn’t overtly promoting the shoe, it is clear that Facebook is looking to make a statement against advertising on the site.

In a statement, Facebook said that it “will continue to take swift and decisive action to address harmful and misleading advertising.”

The company also said that “Facebook’s ad policy includes a zero tolerance for deceptive advertising.

We will continue to aggressively tackle this issue in the weeks ahead.”

Adidas is an American multinational company that produces footwear, apparel, and accessories.

It has over 2,500 stores worldwide, and has an estimated sales of $7.4 billion.


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