June 13, 2021

Japanese cities have become a major target for ads and social media ads as the country has entered a “peak-of-peak-bubble” that could eventually see a drop in advertising revenues.

The Tokyo metro is a prime example of this.

Its metro stations have been flooded with ads and promotional videos in recent years, with the most popular ones being the ads for the “Halloween” parade and a “holiday gift” for children.

Many Tokyo residents say they are tired of ads that appear in the streets of their cities, and a majority of those polled say they feel they are paying for the privilege of being able to see the advertisements on the metro.

While the ads are typically not aimed at people living in Tokyo, many residents say that if the city were to become a ghost town like it was during the Great War, they might not want to see them anymore.

A majority of respondents said they would be more likely to leave the city if they were unable to see advertisements on public transport, or if they could not see them at all on TV.

The results of the poll are based on 1,500 Japanese people, including 627 people who were interviewed in a live interview by a national broadcaster.

The survey also asked people whether they had a problem with advertising, or whether they didn’t have an opinion about the matter.

Nearly half of respondents who said they had no problem with advertisements said they wouldn’t be affected, while a smaller majority of people who said that they didn`t have an issue with advertising said they were willing to change their ways.

About a third of those surveyed said they thought that advertising should be regulated.

But most respondents, including most in Tokyo’s outer areas, said they felt that there were other options available to them to get around the ads, such as taking public transport.


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