June 7, 2021

You’ve seen the adverts on the homepage of your Etsy shop and you think, “Oh no, I can’t get my business advertisement on Etsy.”

You’ve got a problem.

It’s not just a problem with your business, it’s a problem of the advertising on the site.

The problem is that your Facebook ads are displayed in the wrong place.

They appear in the footer, and they’re not in the right places.

Here’s how to fix it.

First, check your Facebook advertising.

If you see any advertisements that you think are fraudulent, you can flag them using the flagging feature of your Facebook account.

To flag an ad, click the flag icon in the top right corner of your profile, and then click the ‘flag this ad’ link.

Clicking ‘Flag this ad now’ will send you to the Facebook Advertising Rules and Policy page, which has information about flagging.

Once you have flagged an ad on Facebook, you’ll be able to view your content from Facebook and click ‘Flag’ to view the ad and view the content of it.

Once the flag has been clicked, you will be able see the information that Facebook flagged the ad as fraudulent.

If it’s not fraudulent, Facebook will not let you view your business advertisements.

If your Facebook business advert doesn’t appear in your business ad feed, you have a couple of options.

You can either flag the advertisement using the Facebook flag feature or you can create an account with Facebook Ads.

You must be logged in with your Facebook Business account to create an ad account with the Facebook Ads platform.

If the flag doesn’t show up in your Facebook Ads account, you might be able get your business advertisement added to your Facebook profile.

Once your Facebook advert has been added, you need to click ‘flag it now’.

This will take you to a page where you can see your Facebook page history.

If Facebook has flagged your business advert as fraudulent, it will show a message to you saying that you have 60 days from the date of the flag to create a new account.

If this time limit has passed, your Facebook advertisement will appear as fraudulent in your profile and in the news feed.

If that’s the case, you should take this time to flag the ad.

You may also need to go to your business’s Facebook page and delete the fraudulent business advertisement if it’s still visible in your news feed or in the sidebar of your newsfeed.

You will need to do this after 60 days.

You might also want to change the Facebook banner from the fraudulent image to the banner from a legitimate image to get your ad in the correct location.

If all of the above fails, you may need to contact Etsy Support to resolve your issue.


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