September 22, 2021

In a recent report by The Verge, we learned that Backpage was one of the most lucrative ad networks out there.

The site was able to offer a high-paying deal to women who wanted to advertise on its site, and it even offered a $100 bonus if they did.

However, the women had to prove they were real and were willing to make the extra payment.

The Verge article also highlighted a report from TechCrunch which revealed that BackPage was also working to make ads more gender neutral, though it didn’t disclose how they would do this.

“While the Backspace advertising network offers some of the highest-quality ads on the market, its algorithm does not yet include a preference for gender-neutral ads, and there is currently no way to opt out of being served ads,” TechCrunch’s Lauren O’Reilly explained.

“With this in mind, we’re working to improve our ads to ensure that advertisers can choose to be served ads that include gender-specific ads.”

As for whether this will be a boon for advertisers, the Verge said that BackSpace is still an “on-ramp” for ads to reach women and girls, which is why it is offering an $80 bonus if women do opt-out.

“Advertisers can still opt-in to be shown ads that feature only women and are not intended to reach all genders,” O’Connor said.

The report also pointed out that there are other options for advertisers to make an effort to reach more women, but those options don’t include the $100 incentive offered by Backpage and other similar sites.

“The fact that the BackSpace network is able to pay so much more is a testament to the strength of its ads and the fact that there’s so much opportunity for advertisers and women to reach out to each other,” Oreskes said.

“We think there’s a lot of room for companies that want to get more women into tech, or advertisers looking for women in tech, to work together and make an even bigger impact on our communities.”

As a whole, it’s an exciting time for women and minorities.

The fact that Backspace is able “to pay so little and get so many women into technology is a testimony to the power of the community” said Sarah Buhlman, an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Journalism and Media Studies.

“I think we’re going to see a lot more diversity and inclusion in tech in the years to come.”

Buhler also noted that companies like Facebook, which also offers a similar incentive, should look into improving their ads to better reach more people.

“Facebook is a really powerful platform for brands and tech to reach people,” Buhlsman said.

She added that she hopes Backspace will continue to improve its ad services in the future to give more women a better experience when shopping on their own.

“Companies need to do more to reach their customers, and this can be a really good starting point for them,” Buflman said, adding that the company is also working on new ads that will be more gender-inclusive.

Buhllman added that women can also opt- out of having ads displayed on their sites and apps and that companies should continue to do that to ensure they can reach more of their community.

“This kind of stuff is important for women to be able to connect to their communities,” Bynum said.

“[Facebook] has an enormous opportunity to be more inclusive and to reach a lot broader demographic than just the tech crowd.”

The article originally appeared on Mashable.


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