September 21, 2021

The best advertisement for Irish students is from the institution where they are studying, according to the RTE advertising agency.

The agency has compiled the top 20 adverts for Irish undergraduates to watch in a survey for its website.

The most popular adverts include one by a local newspaper, one by an advertising agency and two by a commercial broadcaster.

One of the most popular ads for Irish undergraduate students is by a newspaper from a city which is located on the island of Ireland.

The top five most popular advertising spots for Irish college students are by a TV station, a travel agency, a commercial broadcast company and a travel service provider.

The advertising agency said the survey of Irish students shows they are more likely to be satisfied with their education than they were in their first year.

“Students are more aware of the value of a higher education, and the importance of their future work,” said John Murphy, the agency’s director of digital.

“They also value the positive impact it can have on their life, and are more confident they will graduate in good time.”

In short, they are happier with their future and more likely than they ever have been to get a higher degree,” he said.

Mr Murphy said he was keen to encourage Irish students to pursue further study and study abroad as part of their higher education.

He said that if they do choose to study abroad, the best thing to do would be to be prepared to take a job that pays a decent wage, and is well supported by the state.”

There is an expectation that graduates of Irish universities will work for the state and provide for their families and their communities,” he added.”

But they have to understand that this expectation can be difficult for them and is a very real expectation that needs to be respected.

“The top three most popular employers of Irish college graduates in the past five years are the Royal Mail, a company that is currently considering moving its headquarters to Dublin, and a company based in the city of Kildare.


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