September 10, 2021

I just finished a two-day, hands-on experience with the Windows 8 Preview, a preview build of Windows 8 for PCs.

It was a very successful demo of the operating system’s capabilities and it was interesting to see the hardware and software differences that Microsoft has added to Windows 8 compared to the Windows 7 Preview.

But it’s not just hardware and user interface differences that have made the Windows 10 Preview build so appealing.

Windows 10 is an even better, more streamlined operating system, and the Windows Store has made it a great platform for developers to tap into. 

But what does this mean for PC OEM partners?

There are a few things to consider.

Microsoft will continue to offer Windows Store apps to PC makers, but it will be available only for the hardware partners that are on the Windows Insider Program. 

What does this means for Windows 10 OEMs?

It means that, for the first time, PC makers have the option of being on the Microsoft Insider Program, which means they’ll be able to download the preview version of Windows 10, install it on their existing hardware and run the preview on their devices.

The hardware partners will still be able download and install the preview build for their PC platforms, but they’ll only be able do so through the Windows Update platform. 

For the first couple of months, the preview builds will be only available for the partners who are on Windows Insider.

So it’s important for the OEMs to ensure that their Windows 10 devices are up to date.

If the device they’re running Windows 10 on is out of date, the OEM will not be able install the Windows 9 or Windows 10 build.

If they want to upgrade, the device will be automatically updated to the latest build. 

It’s also important to remember that the preview is still in beta and the final release of Windows will be even more polished than the Windows 11 build.

So the Windows preview builds can’t be used for testing the final build of the OS, and they won’t work for OEMs who aren’t on the Insider Program (for example, PC builders who have chosen to remain on the free trial or are on a limited time subscription). 

What’s the point of using the Windows Preview for Windows?

If you’ve got a PC and you want to install Windows 10 for the very first time on it, this is the best way to go.

It’s just not the right way. 

The preview build is still not available for purchase from Microsoft. 

And there are still some things that you can’t do with the preview, including:  The new Windows 10 desktop looks very different from the preview versions, and there are some major differences between the preview and final versions of Windows. 

You can’t install a custom wallpaper. 

Your desktop will still have the familiar Metro look and feel, but you won’t be able set the desktop’s wallpaper.

If you want a desktop that looks like the desktop in Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you’ll have to buy a new Windows desktop. 

Windows Update will still not work on a Windows 10 PC. 

If you want Windows 10 to update itself automatically, you will have to wait until the preview update is available for you. 

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and it won’t go into the details of how to get the Preview build, but I will provide links to some of the major points below.

If Microsoft were to release the Windows Insiders Preview build of its next operating system as a free download, I wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up with the same Windows 10 experience you saw with the Preview. 

I think it’s fair to say that Microsoft will keep adding new features to Windows 10 as the OS evolves.

It may take a while to get all of the changes right, but the new features will be in the final version of the software. 

In addition to adding new operating system features and improvements, Microsoft is also making a number of updates to Windows itself. 

Microsoft has also released a number new desktop versions, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Windows 10 Pro, which are designed to make Windows a better user experience and help make the OS more attractive to businesses. 

 It’ll be interesting to watch how this evolves over time. 

Some of the new Windows updates and desktop versions will bring a variety of new features and functionality to Windows, including a new Start Menu, the ability to create a Windows 8-like taskbar, a new Taskbar widget, and a new Lock screen widget. 

However, it’s also worth noting that Microsoft is releasing these updates with a focus on making the OS better for business users. 

As Microsoft continues to iterate and add new features, it will probably continue to add updates to the OS that will make it a better, faster, more efficient way to use Windows.

But we’ll have a better idea when those updates become available. 

Finally, there are a couple of things to keep in mind

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