September 6, 2021

AT&t is running a new ad campaign that uses a template created by Facebook for a mobile app called “The Ad,” NBC News has learned.

The ad campaign has been installed on AT&ts mobile app and appears to be in the middle of a social media campaign.

The template, called “Ads for Your Smartphones,” can be viewed on AT%s Facebook page and appears in the ad.

Facebook says it has shared the template with AT&Ts marketing team.

The company said that the ad campaign was first seen on the app, but that it was never intended for mobile and has since been taken down.

Facebook also released a video on Tuesday that appears to show the template and shows the ad itself, and a new AT& t ad campaign titled “The Best of AT& T” appears on Facebook.

The video also shows AT& ts ads for Facebook and Twitter that were installed on its mobile apps.

AT&TT has been working on its own mobile ad campaign since late 2015, and this campaign is the first time the company has used a template to target Facebook ads.

AT% marketing has worked with the social media giant to create the template, and the ad is a response to the company’s growing ad campaigns with Facebook.

Facebook said that it had shared the “Ad Template” template with its marketing team and would share additional templates from Facebook as soon as possible.

The Facebook template is one of many that AT&tds marketing team has created.

The templates are also used to target ads for the AT&%s online and mobile apps, AT&tts said in a statement.

Facebook has had some success in targeting mobile users in its ads, as the company often places ads on social media channels, such as Twitter.

The AT& td ad campaign is a big win for AT&ctt as it expands its reach in the mobile space.

The campaign, which began on Tuesday, has had about 1 million views.

ATTD has also expanded its ad spend on social channels, including Facebook, in recent months.

AT & t’s mobile ads are part of a broader effort to broaden its reach beyond its mobile network.

The carrier is expanding its digital advertising reach by adding more brands, including a major digital agency.

Facebook’s mobile ad campaigns have become a top priority for ATTD as the carrier’s network expands.

ATT has also invested in digital advertising.

ATtd’s advertising spending on social networks has risen from $30 million in fiscal 2017 to $120 million in 2020, the carrier said in its fourth quarter earnings report on Tuesday.

The growth has been driven by the growth of its mobile app, which now has over 10 million active users.


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