June 8, 2021

This week’s ad is about the connected TV ad platform.

You can check out the full ad below:I’m not a fan of the “mobile app for phones” thing.

It’s so intrusive and it’s so overpriced that I just can’t stand it.

I’m not really a fan at all of what Facebook and Google are doing with their new ad campaign for connected TVs.

They’ve done a great job so far.

It features a lot of the same stars, like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Chris Anderson, but they also got a lot more out of their advertising budget.

The campaign features an array of stars including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (pictured), Elon Musk (pictured) and Chris Evans (pictured).

It also includes the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Google, as well as the likes-and-proudly-sponsor Google TV.

The ad is one of several ads launched this week by the TV ad company and the brands that run it, as part of a campaign called “Connected TV”.

The goal is to make TV more accessible to people in the age of smartphones and tablets.

The ads, which are only available for 30 days, feature all sorts of stars.

There are a couple of actors from The Hangover franchise, an ESPN anchor, and a musician.

All of them have their own unique personalities.

It also features a clip from a commercial from Google’s own Chromecast device, and it includes some familiar faces like Tom Hanks, Amy Poehler, and the actor who plays her on Parks and Recreation.

The ads are being targeted towards younger demographics, but it doesn’t sound like they are targeting a specific demographic, so that’s a good thing.

The brand has also put out an ad featuring a few of the stars from the upcoming movie Pitch Perfect 2, which is set to be released this month.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m hoping that the stars are pretty interesting.

I’m a big fan of Facebook and Twitter, and I’ve seen lots of their ad campaigns.

They have great ideas for how to get their message across.

They do a lot for social change and they’re not afraid to experiment with new ideas.

But I feel like Facebook and the TV advertising world needs to step up their game and do something to engage with their audience more.

I just hope they do something more creative and innovative with their ads than what’s been done so far with Connected TV.


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