August 26, 2021

Facebook is trying to raise as much as $500 million by selling its advertising network to a consortium of investors.

It’s the latest sign that the social network is turning to its advertising business to keep up with increasing demand from advertisers.

Facebook’s advertising division has struggled to keep pace with the growth of the internet’s advertising ecosystem.

In February, the company announced it would buy digital video company Twitch, which also operates its own video platform.

Since then, Facebook has been selling its ad network to the American media company Comcast and to a new consortium of venture capital firms led by Greylock Partners.

The group is currently focused on a $5 billion investment in Facebook, which it says it will use to develop the video platform for its own products.

For years, Facebook ad sales have been the main source of revenue for Facebook, accounting for almost half of the company’s $1.6 billion revenue last year.

“Our business is getting bigger,” Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of the social networking company, said in March.

But as Facebook’s revenue grows, it has become increasingly reliant on advertising revenue from its video platform to keep its business afloat.

Facebook’s new deal with Greylocks will allow the social media giant to continue selling ads on its video service, as well as selling content to advertisers, for the next five years.

Facebook has previously sold ads to its own advertisers for a fee.

If Facebook were to sell its advertising operation to the Greylicks, it would join a growing number of tech companies that have been selling advertising to companies outside of their own businesses.

Mark Zuckerberg is hoping to turn Facebook into an ad-supported platform for advertisers, which has been a big goal for him.

Zuckerberg and Facebook have said they intend to use the money raised from the deal to build new ad-based platforms.

Greylocks has been working to build an advertising ecosystem that would be similar to YouTube, which is one of the most popular platforms for video creators to sell their content.

It has developed an ad system that works well for publishers, but has struggled for advertisers to reach their audiences.

The deal also will allow Greylays to expand its ad platform into video.

That would allow Greilks to build a video platform that would work for more than just publishers.

Greylickson already has a partnership with video company The National, which uses its platform to sell videos to media outlets, and Greylins video platform will become part of Greylones advertising network.

Some analysts have argued that the deal would also allow Grelays to continue growing its advertising revenues through video ad sales.

The deal will give Greylocker access to more revenue streams, such as video ads and paid search.

It’s unclear how much Greylocked will be able to collect from Greylons ads, and whether Greylocking would be able buy Greylon’s advertising service, but it could be significant.

Facebook has a history of paying for content, but Greylogroup has not been able to sell video ad deals for several years.


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