August 23, 2021

The man who survived a car crash after the crash is a father and grandfather, but the fact that he had to abandon his family because of it has sparked a debate on the issue of euthanasia.

Boris Dvorak, 46, who was in a coma for five days before succumbing to his injuries at his home in a small village in Ukraine, died on Friday after his head smashed into a wall.

His family members, who had been living in the house with him, are now hoping to move on with their lives after their loved one was given a final chance to die by lethal injection.

“We are trying to make our life better and to help others like us, so that others do not suffer like we did,” Dvork said, adding that he was “grateful to God” for saving his life.

Dvorak’s family has said that the accident happened after he and his partner, Tatiana, were on their way home from a birthday party and were trying to cross a bridge when their car came off the road and hit a fence.

Dvorak, who lost a leg in the accident, told the BBC that he and Tatiana were trying out a new bicycle after having bought it at a local bicycle shop and were about to turn left into a residential area.

“Then, I turned left and my bike came off a fence and I lost my life,” he said.

“I don’t know what I was thinking but my brain just stopped working.”

“I couldn’t talk or walk because of the pain.”

In the days following the crash, Dvoracak, the father of two daughters, was suffering from headaches and dizziness and his body was failing him.

He had only recently returned from a trip to his native Russia, where he was due to receive a PhD in human development and was hoping to complete his thesis in the country.

“It’s very difficult to describe how I feel,” he told the ABC.

“The most important thing is that my family is now in a place of peace.”

At the end of the day, we will die together and it’s better for everybody.

“Dvoracaks family has called for the legalisation of euthanasis and the decriminalisation of the death penalty.


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