August 21, 2021

By Jennifer Tinsley, CNNMoney contributorWhat to do when you’re a Google News user?

If you’re in Canada, you might be wondering if your Google app is being targeted to advertisers.

If you’ve ever used Google News in a country where you don’t have an app for it, you’ve likely noticed ads appearing in the app.

Google says this is just one of many ways Google News apps are targeted, but it’s unclear how much of the targeting is legit and how much is just plain creepy.

If it’s the former, you can check your Google news app for suspicious ads.

If it’s not the latter, you’re more likely to get targeted ads on Google News.

If the ads are legit, Google’s advice is to report them to the Google Play Help team.

They can then block them or alert you to their existence.

If the ads aren’t blocking, Google can remove them.

But if you think you might have been targeted by an adware adware campaign, you may want to check for that too.

If your Google apps are running an ad blocker, you’ll probably need to do a manual scan.

To scan your Google account for ads, follow these steps:You’ll find that your Google accounts are marked as being ad-free, and if they are, you should try to find out if the ads appear in your app.

This is especially important if your apps are using Google Search.

If your Google App has been targeted, you’d need to make sure the ads don’t appear in the Google app or your Google search results.

To do that, you need to create an account and enter a code in the box to scan for ads in your Google Account.

Then, you have to wait 24 hours to get the ad blocker code and you can try to get that blocked as well.

You can also scan your apps manually by going to Settings, then Apps and then Google Play Services.

Then you can either create a new account or use a Google account you have already created and fill out the code.

If a scan finds no ads in the apps, Google has said it will review your accounts and remove the ads.

If there are any ads in there, you won’t have to do anything more.

If they’re blocking the ads, you could try contacting Google to get your account back.

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