June 4, 2021

With its annual Winter Carnival, Dubuq has a lot to offer.

There’s the annual parade, which brings together people of all ages, races, nationalities and ages to celebrate.

There is the annual fireworks show.

There are concerts, a skating rink, a dance party and more.

Advertisers have come out in droves.

It’s not that they’re giving up on the city, but rather, they’re getting back to the basics.

Dubuquais sponsors are paying for the parade.

There has been an uptick in advertising revenue in Dubuzo.

There are still some venues that are not open, and a number of venues are not operating, but that’s a change of pace, said Andrew W. Krumhauer, president and chief executive of the Dubuqs Advertising Association.

“Dubuque has always been a great place to be,” he said.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a presidential debate, here are some of the questions and answers: Where can I watch?

A few major venues are holding the debates.

The Forum at the Capitol will host the presidential debate on Feb. 28.

The Statehouse Auditorium is hosting the Feb. 30 debate.

The National Press Club in downtown Dubuques will host a town hall moderated by CBS’ David Gregory.

The city’s Civic Center and the U.S. Capitol are also holding town halls.

Who will be hosting the debate?

The four presidential candidates will have a debate at the Forum at 6 p.m.

ET Feb. 29, followed by an interview moderated in Dubuoq at 6:30 p. m.


The debate will be streamed live at the same time on CBS.

Who else will be participating?

There will be several other presidential candidates participating, including:The candidates will be joined by Dubuqa Mayor John Hagerty, who will serve as moderator of the town hall.

Hagerty also will serve on the board of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

There will also be other candidates from the Republican National Committee and the Libertarian Party.

Will there be an onstage Q&A?


The candidates will answer questions during the town halls, and the candidates will also answer questions via video-chat, according to a news release.

Will I be able to see the debate online?


There may be a livestream for some debates.


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