May 25, 2021

The Israeli ambassador has slammed Saudi Arabia’s ruling family for its human rights record and called on it to “come to terms” with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Netanel Cohen, who is also ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, said Israel would take measures to ensure the country does not repeat what it has done in the past, including “the denial of basic human rights to Palestinian people, including the denial of rights for political and religious minorities, and the denial, or failure to recognize, the right of the Palestinians to self-determination”.

“We are not going to repeat what happened in 1948 and 1967, and we are not willing to repeat that.

We will not tolerate that.

Saudi Arabia has committed an enormous amount of human rights violations in its history.

They have destroyed, they have tortured and they have executed their own people,” he said in an interview with Haaretz, adding that Israel would continue to support the Palestinian people’s struggle against the Israeli occupation.

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly denied Israeli claims of human-rights violations, including for its treatment of Palestinians.

Cohen added that he hoped the United States and Saudi Arabia would “come together and come to terms.”

The kingdom, which was founded by Saudi King Faisal in 1932, has a long history of human Rights abuses, including those against its own people.

It has also been criticized for the human-slaughter of thousands of Yemenis during the war that forced the United Nations-backed government to leave the country in 2011.

It also imposed a death sentence on a prominent Yemeni political activist who was accused of organizing the assassination of a Saudi diplomat in 2016.

Cohen has also accused Saudi Arabia of “perpetrating and participating in acts of aggression against the United Kingdom, including its citizens, and targeting and killing civilians in the region and around the world”.

He added that Saudi Arabia is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Yemeni civilians, including many children, as well as the bombing of hospitals and schools in the country, and for its role in the Saudi-led bombing campaign that has claimed over 1,400 lives.

The Israeli ambassador also condemned the use of chemical weapons in Syria, saying they could only have been used by Assad’s forces.

He said Israel has also repeatedly warned the Saudis against using chemical weapons.

Israel also accused Syria of using chemical agents against its people, though the Syrian government denies that allegation.

The Syrian army has denied that its forces were responsible for using chemical arms in its civil war, but a senior official in Damascus has said that Israeli and U.S. warplanes have dropped chemical weapons on several occasions.

Cohen said that Israel and the U.K. “have to come to a decision about who will lead the world in fighting against chemical weapons.”

Cohen also called for an end to Israeli military cooperation with the U,S., and Saudi Arabian governments, including their role in backing the Syrian opposition.

Israel has maintained a high-level dialogue with the Saudis, which has been a key ally of the Trump administration.

It has provided Israel with more than $2 billion in military aid and provided it with weapons such as precision-guided bombs and fighter jets, and has offered to supply it with advanced weaponry, such as drones.

The U.N. Security Council has been unable to impose new sanctions against the kingdom in recent months, though there have been some steps taken by the council to curb the kingdom’s human rights abuses.

The ambassador also criticized Saudi Arabia for its “abuses” against its citizens in Lebanon, saying that the kingdom is the most extreme example of what can happen to an oppressed people when they are oppressed.

He also called on the kingdom to recognize the Palestinian state and to grant full rights to all Palestinian people living in the occupied territories.

Cohen also urged the kingdom and other countries to end their support for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which it has designated a terrorist organization.

Israel, the United states and Saudi Arabia have long sought to broker a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine.

In February, Cohen called for a new peace conference between the two sides, in which they would “negotiate a settlement based on the two-state solution and the right to self determination for all Palestinians.”

The Trump administration has not yet endorsed the proposal.

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