August 4, 2021

HULU, Utah — It’s been a long, long time since anyone thought makeup ads would be anything but cool, and now, the company is getting serious.

Hulu has signed a $250 million agreement with the advertising agency Adage to buy out an ad buy from Adage that has been running for years and which has featured makeup artists like Kylie Jenner, L.A. singer/songwriter Rihanna and other celebs in its ads.HULU has paid Adage $60 million over six years, and it will now have the opportunity to pay more than $150 million per ad buy, Adage CEO Mark Johnson said at a press event on Wednesday.

Hulu has spent $1 billion on ad buys over the last five years and is hoping to break even by 2020, Johnson said.

Hollywood mogul and philanthropist Warren Buffett has also long supported cosmetics ads, and he will also be a major contributor to the Hulu ad buy.HALF OF ALL THE GOODBYESHULULU is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Adage, a premier ad agency in the world, Johnson told reporters on Wednesday at the Hulu/Adage conference.

This is an exciting time for our company, as we move forward to create and support our new ad business with the best in creative and creative services.

Adage is an independent agency that has long served as the go-to agency for advertising in the U.S.

Hulk, the most popular Disney princess and beloved figure in Disney history, has had an ad strategy that focuses on high-end, high-impact makeup, Johnson announced.

In an interview with Adweek last year, Johnson explained how Adage has become a great place to buy ads.

The beauty industry has grown in prominence, but the advertising industry is not.

We can’t control the media, and we can’t do it by ourselves.

Adage is the perfect agency for us to make a really good deal for our advertisers.HOLIDAY, MARCH 26THWe’ve always been a big believer in the beauty industry and our relationship with Adages has always been very respectful, Johnson added.

We have a long history of supporting the beauty and beauty products industry.HISTORY OF SUCCESSHULK is proud to announce that we have signed a long-term contract with Adagie to produce and distribute over 100 ads for our cosmetics business, Johnson shared at the conference.

Adagie is one of the most recognized beauty agencies in the industry and has been an essential part of Hulu’s strategy to grow and become the best brand in beauty.

HULULUs brand is a global brand with a wide range of brands that are committed to a consistent, sustainable, creative and ethical approach to advertising.

AdAGIE has been a key partner in Hulu’s growth, helping us to increase our ad revenue, Johnson noted.

The company also recently launched a global ad buy for Hulu.HUHU’S NEW PRODUCTSHAULU cosmetics, which has been the company’s biggest advertiser, is expanding to digital channels with the launch of Hulu Plus and Hulu Plus+ products, Johnson revealed at the event.

Advertising is the key to our growth.

We need to do better, Johnson continued.

Hulu Plus has a huge opportunity to expand its footprint into more media channels.HUBRANNIA’S POWERFUL PRODUCTSHulu Plus has helped our brand build a strong relationship with influencers and celebrities, and Hulu is working to leverage that expertise to create a powerful advertising strategy for Hulu, Johnson pointed out.HOOVER’S NEXT DECADEOf course, it’s not all about the ad buy; Hulu has also been a major supporter of the fashion industry, which is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

Hulu recently launched its HULUVAS fashion collection and is working with other designers to create exclusive apparel, Johnson also said.

Advertisers and brands are excited to work with Hulu, and their commitment to beauty and makeup is a major part of what makes Hulu great, Johnson confirmed.HENRY ANDERSON,HULUCITOS CEO,LOOKS GOODBYEHULUVAs we have a new year and a new look to go with it, I’m excited to say that we are making some exciting announcements.

HUHUL is expanding into digital, including launching Hulu Plus, Hulu Plus+, Hulu Plus subscription, Hulu Now and Hulu TV.HERE’S HOW TO WATCHHULUP NOWHUL UP NOWHulu is the only online TV service in the United States with access to all of Hulu content and shows, and HULUP is Hulu’s first ever subscription service, a service that will be available to Hulu subscribers starting in January 2020.HULEBORG’S BATTLEGROUNDHULCU is thrilled that the world is embracing the beauty of its products and HULEBORS new


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