July 29, 2021

A five-month-old baby boy has died after a car plunged off a bridge in Melbourne’s south-east.

Key points:Parents say they had been left devastated by the loss of their son “He was my son and I will never forgive anyone”Adelaide mother Stephanie and her husband were driving on the Sydney Highway at 6:30pm when they noticed the child’s head and torso were pinned against the pavement on the edge of the road.

“He was just lying on the ground,” Ms Stephanie said.

“I looked over and saw the car going past and I thought I could see the front of the car and the child was in there.”

There was no warning and I just kept thinking ‘I can’t believe this’.

“Ms Stephanie said she was shocked and emotional when she heard the boy was dead.”

The first thing I thought was ‘Oh my god, I’ve lost a child’.””

My daughter is in shock and my son is gone.

“Adelaide mum Stephanie, who lost her son after a hit-and-run, has been left in shock after losing her son.

Ms Stephanie and husband Steve were driving down the Sydney highway when they saw the child on the road below.”

We pulled over, turned on our lights and we started to look around,” she said.

Ms Stephans baby son, who is now five-years-old, died after being struck by a car.

The car that was travelling along the Sydney-Brisbane Highway when it struck the child fell on to the bridge.”

It was quite a big impact and I could barely get the vehicle out,” Ms Stephans said.

The couple were able to get the child out of the vehicle and drive away but Ms Stephanie and Mr Steve were left devastated.”

My husband, Steve, just sat there sobbing and I was thinking ‘What have I done?’,” she said, adding her husband was still traumatised.”

What’s happened to my son?

Is this the end of him?””

I just feel like we’ve lost him, my son.

“Mr Stephans’ wife, a nurse, said she felt overwhelmed by the emotional impact of the tragedy.”

They’ve been through so much, we’re just so numb, it’s just devastating,” she told News24.”

Everyone is just devastated, there’s no-one left to talk to.

“The couple has taken to Facebook to share their thoughts and prayers for the child, who they have known for five years.”

Our hearts go out to his family, the baby and the whole family,” they wrote.”

Please join us in offering our thoughts and condolences.

“A spokesperson for the City of Adelaide confirmed the family had lost their five year old son, but said no other details were available.

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