July 28, 2021

India has been facing the kind of scrutiny and political pressure that have forced the government to act to curb the growing use of online ads.

A survey by AdExchange, a non-profit company, showed that most Indians use a smartphone app to pay for online ads, compared with just 14% of the population.

AdExpo’s chief executive, Ramesh Chaudhary, said the survey showed that a majority of Indians had “convinced that ads were the way to go” and that the technology could be used to curb online advertising.

Mr ChaudHary said that, as a country, we have to find ways to address the concerns of people.

“We must ensure that the digital platform that the people use for the ad buying process has been designed to be used by people who are comfortable with its functionality,” he said.

While a study in 2015 found that 71% of Indians use social networking sites to buy ads, most users don’t pay for the ads they see, as the sites often redirect them to other sites.

In a country where the population is ageing, the problem is not only about the lack of money, but also about how the online economy has been disrupted by the growth of e-commerce.

Mr ChaudChaudHryary said there is a need to create a “social infrastructure” that can support digital companies that operate on social media platforms.

“There is no doubt that digital is the future.

The digital world has to be managed in a way that enables a company to flourish, that is able to compete with any online company,” he added.

A report by research firm Nielsen earlier this month found that a growing number of Indians said they did not use any social media at all.


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