July 26, 2021

Google announced today that it is expanding the functionality of the social networking site Discord to allow advertisers to show ads on the mobile version of the site.

The move will allow companies to advertise in the mobile app, as well as in the desktop version of Discord, and will allow them to reach millions of people who might not be able to use the site on desktop.

Google’s announcement comes less than a week after Discord announced it would begin supporting Android and iOS devices.

“We’re thrilled to announce that Discord on mobile will now be available in the Google Play Store,” said Alex Vartanian, general manager of the Google Ads Platform.

“The app will allow advertisers and publishers to show adverts to their most loyal fans and audiences, and make the most of the new features on Discord on the Android and Apple platforms.”

As part of the expansion, the app will support mobile display ads on Android devices, and ads can now be shown on desktop as well.

For example, an ad can be shown in a web browser on Android or the desktop app.

Ads can also be shown from the mobile application or from a link on a web page.

Google also announced that it will soon add a third-party tool to allow publishers to add and remove ads.

The company also announced plans to make Discord a free, ad-supported platform on Android and the iOS App Store.

This will allow publishers and advertisers to reach billions of people on both platforms.

“This is just the beginning,” Vartanian said.

“We’re adding more and more features and tools to our platform every day, and Discord is just one of them.

We hope to bring more features to the platform in the future, including an app to let you embed a YouTube video directly in the Discord chat.

You can even add video content directly to the Discord website, which is a great way to make your content more discoverable.

We are always looking for ways to expand the capabilities of the platform, and we are excited to make it even better for the millions of users and publishers that use it.”


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